Our Product

Standard Heater Tubes are made to fully satisfy essential requirements of ASTM Standard Test Method D3241, the Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Stability Test. The defining feature of our product is its exceptional quality. That quality is unmatched in the industry and is ensured by our unique, patented, tube rolling process that guarantees a superior surface. It is this surface that collects fuel-related deposits upon which the JFTOT test relies, whether the determination of deposit quantity and fuel quality is determined visually through color evaluation, or by other deposit properties such as by a metrological examination. Users obtain superior results by employing the tube whose superior quality is built-in.

Our tubes provide a more consistent finish. This unique tube feature comes from our exclusive rolling process. A rolled tube removes coarse tool markings from the tube surface; markings that other suppliers can only try to hide by imputing even more millions of abrasive scratch marks onto the tube surface. These troubling tool markings and microscopic scratches provided by other suppliers result in a highly irregular finish. Our product features a pristine finish having greater surface regularity with an unmatched consistent finish periodicity.

During fuel testing with competing tubes, deposits that form on the tube surface are forced down onto and into an inconsistent pattern of microscopic grooves and surface defects. Our improved finish is finer and more consistent, resulting in highly accurate measurement of critically important fuel-related deposits. The true nanometer deposit thickness and resulting volume and mass of deposits are measured with great confidence. This benefit comes with a finish that also diminishes light scatter. Users also benefit from our easier-to-read deposit coloration when the simpler pass/fail testing criteria are employed. 


All of this is the product of a rolled tube possessing a highly regular, more periodic surface and a more consistent and finer finish. No matter what test methodology is employed, a superior surface finish will always produce superior test results.