Our Company

As the holder of U.S. Patent No. 7,093,481 B2; Method for Roller Burnishing a Heater Tube, I’ve been granted the right to practice my invention by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our U.S. Patent is the underlying basis for the Company. It seems noteworthy that no competing company has patented their own method for preparing heater tubes, so in this, we are unique. Because the patent rights are exclusive, nobody else is allowed to practice my invention without permission. And, we need no other consent or special authorization to practice our protected art or to offer the result to users.

Few people are aware that obtaining a patent isn’t at all easy, and the government of the United States purposefully makes obtaining a patent an adversarial process. In order to obtain a patent, you have to establish to the satisfaction of the United States that the invention for which patent protection is being sought is both new and novel. The government will originally take the position that it is not new and/or not novel, and you have to then persuade them to the opposite conclusion. This ensures that your invention is worthy and (in the case of preparing heater tubes) represents a new, improved, production method. Procedures employed by our competitors are, accordingly, ineligible for patent protection, and exactly for this reason. They are not new and are, frankly, quite ordinary. We consider them obsolete.

In exchange for patent protection granted by the government of the United States, we consent to ultimately place our new and novel technology in the public domain. That gift we offer to the people of the United States is one our competitors were and still are unwilling to make. They prefer, instead, to attempt holding their technology as a private possession for themselves. Users of heater tubes are certainly and completely free to consider this aspect when choosing a tube supplier.