About Us

Although we are a small family business and a niche business, we happily lead the industry in heater tube technology and price. The Company is an S-Corporation, and the Heater Tube and Filter Kit is our primary product.


We take pride that our product Heater Tube and Filter Kit is American made. We also offer two auxiliary American made items; a Pre-filter kit made, assembled, and sold by the Company for the ASTM D3241 test, and packages of fuel filter paper obtained through another American supplier. The Company is registered through our government’s Central Contractor Registry.


For almost two decades, we have produced the finest Heater Tube and Filter Kit available anywhere. Another supplier is part of a multi-national conglomerate operating as a monopoly for approximately 40 years prior to competition from our Company. Under the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984, 41 U.S.C. 253 (a)(1)(A) et seq., government Contracting Officers must act affirmatively to obtain and safeguard competition; they cannot take a passive approach and remain in a noncompetitive position where they could reasonably take steps to enhance competition. Our company is not afraid of competition. In fact, we are the competition some larger companies fear.


Our business niche is providing tube users with a superior product and service at an aggressively competitive price.